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  • Dr. Sunil Jain

    Dr. Sunil Jain


      Director & Consultant Pediatrics

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  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Internal Medicine

      Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

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  • Dr. Nagesh Jain

    Dr. Nagesh Jain

    Minimal Access & General Surgery

      M.S. Surgeon

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  • Dr. K. M Surana

    Dr. K. M Surana


      In Charge Path. Lab.

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  • Dr. Narinder  Batta

    Dr. Narinder Batta


      Senior Consultant & Head of Obst. & Gyane

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  • Dr. Utsav Sahu

    Dr. Utsav Sahu

    Internal Medicine

      Associate Consultant Physician and Diabetologist

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Speciality › Orthopedic and Joint Replacement


The departments of orthopedics offer the best possible treatment and care to its every patient. The disorders of musculoskeletal system including muscles, bones and joints.

Services & Treatments Offered

  • The Hospital offers Orthopedic assessment of bone, joint and soft tissue disorders.
  • The Hospital offers all types of injury treatments and Arthroscopic procedures for various parts of the body like, knee, hip, etc.
  • The department of Ortho, Spine and Joint Replacement provides the highest levels of medical and professional expertise along with the patient care.
  • The department performs all kinds of correctional procedures for deformities.
  • The department is a fully fledged department with a unit of experts, forming the operating team and is also backed by other visiting Orthopedic Surgeons.
  • The surgeons use both surgical replica horloges and non surgical means to treat musculoskeletal problems of the patients .
  • The department has functioned professionally, competently for years now and has brought a good name to the hospital due its services and approach to health.


The medical treatment involved under this surgery deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the disorders affecting the spinal lord. It is a unique sub specialty of Orthopedic and Neurosurgical surgery. The specialists have focus towards reducing or completely removing the pressure of mechanical compression. It is a very sensitive area and thus requires attention to the minutest detail, along with rich knowledge about the treatment.


The surgery consists of replacing the ailing or the diseased joint surfaces with either metal or plastic components which are shaped to allow continuity in motion. The surgery is either a partial surgery or a Total Replacement surgery. The hospital offers knee and hip replacement.

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