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  • Dr. Sunil Jain

    Dr. Sunil Jain


      Director & Consultant Pediatrics

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  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Internal Medicine

      Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

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  • Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Minimal Access & General Surgery

      M.S. Surgeon

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  • Dr. K. M Surana

    Dr. K. M Surana


      In Charge Path. Lab.

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  • Dr. Narinder  Batta

    Dr. Narinder Batta


      Senior Consultant & Head of Obst. & Gyane

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Speciality › Skin Dermatology


The skin is considered to be the largest organ of the human body and also one of the most complex one. The skin protects the internal organs from any external source that may harm the organs in any way, eg. Bacteria, virus, allergies etc.

Dermatology is the study of the skin, its structure and how it functions. It deals with the skin and the diseases related to skin.

At Pentamed Hospital, we have dermatologists, who treat all type of skin conditions like acne, eczema, skin allergies, zits, pimples, cysts and also grooms the skin condition of the patient and make it quality rich. Our dermatologists are the leaders in the field of Dermatology and expert in the treatment of all kind of skin problems and related disorders. The department of Dermatology upholds great standards of excellence design your own t-shirts.

The objective of the Dermatology department is to accurately diagnose the skin disorder and adapt most effective treatment method for

Services & Treatments Offered

  • The department provides consultation and services for general dermatology,rolex falsi cosmetic dermatology, including any or all type of allergies and other skin related problems.
  • Biopsies of skin are done for diagnostic purposes.
  • The entire objective of the hospital is to deliver the highest quality care and service to the patients at the most affordable cost.

To book an appointment with us, please call on 011-47014701


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