Our Doctors

  • Dr. Sunil Jain

    Dr. Sunil Jain


      Director & Consultant Pediatrics

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  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Internal Medicine

      Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

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  • Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Minimal Access & General Surgery

      M.S. Surgeon

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  • Dr. K. M Surana

    Dr. K. M Surana


      In Charge Path. Lab.

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  • Dr. Narinder  Batta

    Dr. Narinder Batta


      Senior Consultant & Head of Obst. & Gyane

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Can’t follow your diet plan? It’s probably because the strategy is all wrong

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Services and Technological Advancements

The services and amenities that the Hospital provides to its patients are as follows: 

  1. 24 Hours Emergency services
    The Hospital has staff for different shifts and slots. These have been arranged such so that any emergency or contingency that has come up gets a quick resolution and is immediately taken up, especially in the case of emergency cases.
  2. Critical Care
    For immediate life threatening conditions like Critical Care, the hospital has a dedicated team of experts who take care such happenings.
  3. Dialysis
    Dialysis survives for the quick diagnose and is taken up as soon as result is about to complete.
  4. Delivery Services
    The Hospital has special suits for the new born babies and mother.
  5. Level 2 Nursing Care
    The Nurses and the entire staff are very cooperative and handle all situations with great expertise.
  6. 24 Hours Ambulance Services
    The Hospital has provision of Ambulance Services round the clock to meet any emergency situation.
  7. Dietician Services
    The dietician provides customized meal plan for the patient, depending upon the requirements and the objectives of the patient.
  8. Radio Diagnostic Services elevator dress shoes
    The Hopsital has good equipments andthe latest images.
  9. Laboratory Services
    All kind of tests can be checked here with a report receiving on time www.shoesofstyle.com.
  10. Accommodation:
    The Hospital understand the need of a person who wants to ensure better condition of the patient and wants to stay with him overnight or even during the day. For this the Hospital has allowed options f staying back with the patient and has been réplicas de relojes able to attain such arrangement for a better patient experience elevator shoes.




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