Our Doctors

  • Dr. Sunil Jain

    Dr. Sunil Jain


      Director & Consultant Pediatrics

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  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta

    Internal Medicine

      Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

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  • Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Dr. Nagesh Jain Jain

    Minimal Access & General Surgery

      M.S. Surgeon

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  • Dr. K. M Surana

    Dr. K. M Surana


      In Charge Path. Lab.

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  • Dr. Narinder  Batta

    Dr. Narinder Batta


      Senior Consultant & Head of Obst. & Gyane

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Delhi shows spurt in cases of asthma, rhinitis

A survey has shown that around 11.03% of patients coming to clinics in Delhi are suffering from asthma and 11.69% from rhinitis, experts said on July 27, 2016, while attributing the causes to inhaled allergens. ... Read More

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Can’t follow your diet plan? It’s probably because the strategy is all wrong

Dieters who restrict themselves from consuming the foods they love most may be setting themselves up for failure Read More

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  • Raksha TPA Pvt Ltd.
  • Vipul Medcrop TPA Pvt Ltd.
  • Medicare TPA
  • Safeway TPA Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Medi Assist India TPA Pvt Ltd.
  • Family Health Plan (TPA) Pvt. Ltd.
  • United Healthcare Parik TPA Pvt. Ltd.
  • Alankit Health Care TPA Ltd.
  • Para Mount Health TPA Pvt. Ltd. (Only for Bharti Airtel)
  • Health Insurance TPA of India Ltd.
  • Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd.
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